Smoky (brindle 17 month old male) — Available ($1800)

Smoky is our magnificent brindle male Bouvier. Friendly, well-mannered, house-trained. He weighs 90 pounds. He is in excellent health. We have raised Bouviers for 9 years, and Smoky is one of our own puppies, and one of our all-time best! We have a music ministry as a family, and are needing to down-size our group of Bouviers to give us more time for our ministry! We are offering Smoky as a fully registered dog with breeding rights, for $2,500. He would also make an outstanding family pet!


Sophie (black 2 yr. old female) — Available ($1800) 

Sophie is our super sweet, outgoing black girl! We raised her ourselves and she has been well adjusted with people and other dogs. She has a very cheerful, happy personality and is fairly laid back. Sophie weighs around 80 lbs and has a thick, glossy coat. She has been a proven mother, raising three beautiful black puppies! She was an excellent mother and would be a great choice for anyone looking to potentially raise this wonderful breed! She also will make a wonderful addition as a family pet! You are welcome to come and meet her anytime!