Prince-Sasha-006-rTall, dark, and handsome, this is truly a prince in the kingdom of Bouviers!  As you can see, he even sports a stylish goatee!   We love this guy who is as full of fun as he is good looks!   None of that gloomy, grumbly, growly bear stuff here!   He is princely in his appearance, well-mannered, always ready for a romp, and just great to be around!  Prince is still young but has fathered some of our best puppies so far!  We adopted him as we searched for just the right colors, size, temperament, and background, and he has not let us down!   At 26″ tall, he is our tallest Bouvier, and he weighs 90-95 pounds. He is AKC registered and has passed his OFA tests very well.   His color is fawn with a darker face and mane, and his coat is soft and thick.  He is a great dog, but hasn’t let it get to his head!  He has a happy disposition and is friendly, tolerant, and easy-going.   When you come visit, be ready to run and play!  Or dance with a prince!  And fall in love!