Reviews from Happy Bouvier Families
It’s been almost two weeks with Sparky (who is now named Johnny) and we absolutely LOVE him! He follows me everywhere around the house! We took him to the vet yesterday and he had a clean bill of health. He is growing and playing so well! He is a little over 10 pounds now, so I’m thinking he is going to be a big boy. I just wanted to thank you again for our Bouvie baby! 


She is an amazing addition to our family.  We absolutely adore her and her antics.  She is silly, mischievous, sweet, SO SMART, and just a joy.  We have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t love her.  Barely anyone has encountered a Bouvier so she turns heads everywhere.  She still comes to work with me each day.  Our lives always revolved around dogs but none so much as when Lola came into our lives.  She commands attention!  Seriously we couldn’t imagine our lives without her.



                I wanted to share my first week with you since Gracie has arrived at her “furever” home. She is the most sweet and loving puppy!  I am so glad that we have added to our family!  It is amazing how smart she is at such a young age.  Everyone has fallen in love with her.
Her new Vet cannot believe how big she is and how calm she is is.
Thanks again for our new blessing!