Fiona is 4th generation from our first Wheaten ever and we love her! She has the classic happy Wheaten personality and loves everybody she meets! Fiona is a wonderful mother to beautiful puppies! She weighs about 35 lbs and is AKC registered.


Finley is our newest Wheaten stud and we are so proud of him! He is our sweet, friendly boy and has the classic gentle Wheaten personality! Finley weighs about 35 lbs and is AKC registered.


Miya is our spunky girl with a happy-go-lucky personality! She loves the cat, chickens, children and other dogs! She is a wonderful mother and gives us such beautiful babies! Miya has an American coat, weighs 34 lbs and is AKC registered.


Aspen is our newest Wheaten girl and we are in love! She has a gentle, mild personality and is an excellant mother! She weighs 30 lbs, has a beautiful American coat and is AKC registered.

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