We are enjoying our little “Maizie” more and more each day.  I wish I had half the energy she does!  I try to walk her everyday about two or more miles.  She is getting used to the leash and loves her walks. If we can’t walk, than we play in the yard and she runs her little heart out.  So much fun to watch.  She is doing pretty well with the housebreaking and learning commands to come, sit or stay.  She has a very good appetite too!  I am thinking about getting her trimmed after the first of the year,especially around the face and legs so she doesn’t look so “wooly”.  I just love her fuzzy face though and don’t want to have too much taken off.  
Maizie has been a blessing for me.  I love her to pieces! I wanted to add that we have a “circle” in our home. The kitchen and living room are connected by two hall ways and when she gets her spurt of energy she runs this circle as fast as her legs can carry her.  She slides sideways on the hardwood floors and it just makes me laugh.  She is a joy.  
                                                                                    ~~ Suellen
George has been amazing.  He slept through the first night and has had very few accidents.  He loves everyone we meet and has the best little personality.  He has learned his name and comes running when we call.  He has officially taken total control of the house!  Not really but he thinks so. He is doing very well with time in his crate also.  I think if we just let him run all day, he would.  He is also walking fairly well on his leash.  We are getting a baby gate today so he will quit running up the stairs and we have to get him since he is not ready to come back down.   You guys did a great job with these little guys.  He is very social with people and other dogs. We love him!   I totally recommend you and your great Wheaten puppies.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ~~Sandy


Our little girl is doing very well! The boys renamed her, so we now call her “Cookie”!:) She is very sweet, great with the boys, loves to play and learns quickly! She is doing very well with house training and has also learned the command “sit “!
She is always happy to see us, most especially the boys when they get home from school- her little tail doesn’t stop wagging!
Her first visit with the veterinarian went well, and she is scheduled to go back in a couple of weeks.
Thank you so much for our little girl! She has brought our family so much joy!
                                                                                                           ~~ Karin
    I wanted to tell you how happy she has made our home.  She is a ball of energy and is always making us laugh.  She is such a good puppy.  My entire family loves her to pieces.  She’s so goofy and affectionate.  She just eats up all the attention.  When we first got her, she cried a lot the first night — which was expected of course.  By the second night though, she was sleeping six hours through the night!  We couldn’t believe it.  Within a week, she was going at least six hours each night in her crate — and she would go to the door whenever she had to go potty!  She is such a smart and beautiful dog.  We’ve taught her plenty of tricks and she’s always surprising us with her intelligence.  She can be stubborn at times, but we love that about her.  Thank you so much for breeding such a wonderful bunch of puppies.  We are so happy we got our Wheaten through you.  You made the process easy and we could tell she came from a loving family.  Thank you to you and your family for giving us such a bundle of joy!

     Just a quick note to say THANK YOU and to let you know how much we are enjoying the puppy we adopted between Christmas and New Years.  He has truly added many smiles and entertainment to our home.  Rascal was the perfect choice for us and goes on many outings with us – even enjoys plane rides in our plane (isn’t real happy about bumpy rides). Goes to the farm to cut wood (not real sure about the horses), and loves the market.  Please know that you have an open invitation to visit with him and us.
                                                             ~Dianne and Eric

The ride home was great. The first night was a little more of a challenge, but it’s over! Every night’s been getting a little better, and he’s a real dear. He’s already a deeply cherished part of the family. The girls are smitten. Thanks for all your work in getting us connected with the right puppy. We really enjoyed meeting you, too!

~The Kramers


I wanted to send you a follow-up email and just tell you how wonderful Chloe is!  I couldn’t be happier that she is in my life and I wanted to thank you for everything!  She is the SWEETEST little girl and unbelievably smart.  She had mastered housetraining at about 4 months!  She is such a snuggler and loves all her new toys.  She is also a star dog on our block-people come up to me all the time and recognize her from the park or around the neighborhood-they all just think she is the cutest!  We frequent the dog park and she has made some dog friends-she just has such a blast.