Welcome to our Guardian Family Page!

Here at Winsome Wheatens, we have come up with a plan that we feel will give our breeding dogs the very best life possible while still allowing us to share happy, healthy puppies with all of you! Instead of being raised in a kennel, our plan enables the dogs to spend their lives with individual families where they can be lavished with love, attention and socialization! We, as the breeder, place a puppy in the home of a local (within 2-3 hours driving distance), pre-approved family at no cost to the guardian family. They are then responsible to care for the dog including house and basic obedience training, a well balanced diet and all non-breeding related vet expenses. When the puppy matures (around age 2), she will come back to us for 5-6 days to be bred with our male. She goes back to her guardian family for 8 weeks of gestation (pregnancy) and then again comes back to our home for the delivery and up to 6-7 weeks when the puppies are weaned. From every litter we will give the guardian family a set commission to help offset the cost of vet care, food, and grooming. After a certain amount of litters, she will be spayed and given back to her guardian family as their own personal pet and joy!

The JOYS of being a Guardian Family at Winsome Wheatens!

  • There is no initial purchase cost
  • You will receive $500 from every litter to offset costs of vet care, grooming, and food.
  • You will have the satisfaction of knowing that your beautiful girl is bringing much joy to other by sharing her gorgeous puppies with many families!
  • You will be able to establish a relationship with us as your breeder for any questions, comments or suggestions!

If you are interested in enrolling in our Guardian program, you can fill out our application below and I will send you more information and our contract!

Guardian Family Application
Are you willing to provide quality food? *
Are you willing and able to provide routine vetinary care? *
Are you willing and able to socialize and provide basic obedience training? *
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