Whoodle Puppies!

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Deposit $300
Shipping $500

Brandi (Mocha Girl) — Available $1200

Betsy (Caramel Girl) — Available $1200

Bailey (Mocha girl) — Available $1200

Bentley (Chocolate boy) – Available $1200

Thanks for your interest in our Whoodle babies! These Whoodle puppies are a designer combination of the fantastic personalities and breed qualities of both Wheaten Terriers and Poodles. Whoodles are non shedding and hypoallergenic and have the happy-go-lucky personality of the wheaten and the intelligence of the poodle. They are non-shedding and hypoallergenic like the Wheatens and have a very sweet, bubbly personality like the Wheatens as well. All our whoodle puppies are born and raised in our home where they are lavished with care and attention! They are fed a well-balanced and supervised diet, with plenty of healthy “extras” just to spoil them a little! We keep them clean and fresh, and we TRY to make sure they will behave just right for their new family, y’know, telling them things like, no chewing, no puddles, no snooping, but lots of snuggles, cuddles, wiggles and smooches! =) With our family all taking part in their care, they can’t help but be well-socialized and used to having a ton of fun! Along the way, they receive the normal puppy details like tail-docking, dew claw removal, worm treatments, and health-check by our vet to insure that they are in optimal condition at the time of their adoption!
These whoodle puppies are as beautiful and loving as it gets in Dog Circles! Your life will never be the same!

We have moved!

Our family including our fur babies recently located to the Midwest state of Missouri to assist our grandparents as they are needing more help in old age. We still have our beautiful adult dogs and babies with us and will be happy to meet with you here in our new home!
 We  now offer various forms of  SHIPPING to get your precious puppy to you! This includes:
~Pet-safe & temp regulated flights to your nearest airport. 
~Delivery if within driving distance
~Meeting part way in person