Wheaten Terrier Puppies

Price: $1900

Deposit: $300

Shipping: $500

Our dreamily soft puppies are bouncy little fellows that will be sure to brighten your day and your life! Their parents are medium size and they should average 35-40 lbs. in adulthood.  All our puppies are AKC registered and have a luxurious, wavy American coat.  We carefully breed with an emphasis on excellent health, disposition, appearance, and form.  

Wheaten Terriers are non-shedding and hypo-allergenic which makes them an excellent choice especially for families with allergies.  Our Wheaten Terriers are friendly to everyone, yet not noisy.  We find that they bark just a little when a visitor arrives, but then are happy to just wag and lick and always hope for a little lovin’ in return!  They adopt you along with all your loved ones!

All of our puppies are born and raised in our home where we shower them with love and attention from the moment they are born till the day they leave our arms for their new families. These little guys love to play with children and other dogs, and all the puppies are very well socialized, which we believe is the most important secret to a well-adjusted, easily trained, and happy dog. Each puppy will come with all shots and de-wormings up-to-date as well as a full one-year health guarantee with an optional 2nd year. Each one also receives a full vet exam before adoption, and we provide copies of their health record along with forms of AKC registration.

We are happy to send more pictures and videos upon request.  We gladly answer questions and hope to make your adoption process a happy and memorable experience! Contact us soon so you can adopt one of our babies for your very own! You’ll wonder how you ever lived before!

Please Note… We do NOT sell to Puppy mills, brokers, or Pet Stores.

                                                           Thank you!

We have moved!

Our family including our fur babies recently located to the Midwest state of Missouri to assist our grandparents as they are needing more help in old age. We still have our beautiful adult dogs and babies with us and will be happy to meet with you here in our new home!
 We  now offer various forms of  SHIPPING to get your precious puppy to you! This includes:
~Pet-safe & temp regulated flights to your nearest airport. 
~Delivery if within driving distance
~Meeting part way in person