Breed: F2 Medium Whoodle
Genetic Makeup: 55% Standard Poodle 45% Wheaten Terrier
Adult Weight: 33 lbs
Color: Chocolate/tan phantom
Personality: Chloe is our affectionate girl who always wants to be snuggling! She is a wonderful mother and loves children and other dogs.


Breed: F1b mini whoodle
Genetic Makeup: 75% mini poodle 25% Wheaten Terrier
Adult Weight: 20 lbs
Color: Chocolate phantom
Personality: Reilly is our outgoing girl and thinks everyone comes to visit+pet her!


Breed: Standard Poodle
Adult Estimated Weight: 50 lbs
Color: Chocolate/white Parti
Personality: Bristol is our confident, independent girl who loves to hike and be active! She is very smart and picks up everything so quickly. We love having her part of our family!


Breed: Mini Whoodle
Genetic Makeup: 55% mini poodle/45% Wheaten Terrier
Adult Weight: 28 lbs
Color: Cream
Personality: Stuart is our spunky little man who loves all the attention he can get! He’s very gentle and loves to cuddle. Stuart gives us beautiful puppies with gorgeous coats and darling personalities.