Our first month with Maple!

We are so in love with our mini whoodle Maple!!!! While she may have been a “quarantine” doggie, she has completed our little family and we couldn’t be more happy!! She is the perfect mix of energy for us with a side of “mischievous Maple” (she likes to hide in small spaces a lot) haha. She is now 4 months and weighs 9 pounds. She has slept through the night in her crate since night one (#win) and surprises us daily with her growth in training! How did we get so lucky?! Thank you Winsome Wheatens for raising such a sweet baby!!

Katie Gomes

Our real life teddy bear

Artemis (Arty) has brought us so much joy. She is smart, loving, and a bundle of energy. Our mornings are brighter now that we wake up every day to puppy kisses. Thank you to the Bradford family!

Becky Plesser

The greatest gift to myself

My sweet boy Finley/Finn as I call him has been incredible. I got him at 10 weeks and he is just about 18.5 weeks and is around 12 lbs. he is a mini whoodle.

He is smart, fun, learns easily, and crate trained within 2 weeks. The first week was the hardest with training but we stuck to it and the crate has been a blessing. Please reach out with any questions! I recommend this breeder to anyone after years of searching.

My only advice is to send weekly updates of pics of the puppies for us anxious parents.

Love this breeder. Thank you all for the joy that you’ve brought to my life!



I have had many wonderful dogs over the years, but I have to say that Pippi has won top prize for the best puppy ever! She is so affectionate, loves people and other dogs, is playful and fun without the destructive behavior that some dogs exhibit. She LOVES to snuggle!! She was practically house trained from the moment we brought her home. She was easily crate trained and LOVES her crate at night. She is beautiful…we love her color, her long eyelashes and her soft coat. She is SO smart! She sticks close to home and would rather be with us than roam far away! Every day is brighter with Pippi and we can’t imagine our days without her!! She has been a blessing….and we can’t wait to get another one from the Bradfords soon.


Everything and more!

We love our Wrigley (Wrig’s). He is everything Susanna said and more. He is 7 months old now and about 30lbs. He has a very playful and fun loving personality and is very smart! He loves playing fetch and going on long walks. Loves playing with grandchildren and is very sensitive to the kids. Loves to train on the simple commands every day. Come, sit, stay and go to place and kennel. His coat is so soft and it’s nice to not worry about shedding. I would recommend buying a Whoodle from Susanna. They are everything she says and more! Wrig’s has been a blessing!

Todd Anania
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